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The “Crack”

The “Crack” published on No Comments on The “Crack”
"Crack" Graphite on wall (Photo credit: S. Juby)
Graphite on wall
(Photo credit: S. Juby)

One day when I was around the age of 10 – so old enough to know better – I had what I can only describe as one of the many gross lapses in judgment I seemed to routinely have throughout my growing up years…Continue reading The “Crack”

Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse published on 3 Comments on Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

I did lots of really dumb things when I was a kid. For each act of stupidity, I look back and wonder what was going through my head. I come up with nothing other than the simple fact that I just didn’t think things through. At all.Continue reading Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

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