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Getting Away From It All

Getting Away From It All published on 2 Comments on Getting Away From It All

Escape fantasies. We all have them, don’t we? When


the pressure of modern life feels overwhelming and we just want to run away from it all? I remember growing up and watching those Calgon bath bubble commercials: They always featured a woman overwhelmed with juggling the responsibilities of work, family, cooking and house cleaning. She would finally sink into a bathtub full of luxurious bubbles with a Calgon box prominently displayed on the edge of the tub. “Calgon, take me away!” she would moan, eyes closed, a contented look on her face, and the viewer was left to wonder if she was enjoying an especially wonderful hot bath or perhaps something else.Continue reading Getting Away From It All

Lump Chump

Lump Chump published on 2 Comments on Lump Chump
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I have two cats or, more accurately, two cats own me. People who live with cats will especially appreciate this dynamic. I feed them two kinds of food. My younger cat, Benedict Montgomery Cumbercat, a tuxedo with an adorably tiny, black “soul patch” on his white chin, mostly eats dry kibble, but does enjoy a bit of the canned food, as well. My older gray cat, Violet, with her two-inch long tail with which she was born (most of her litter mates also had a similar stumpy tail), eats almost exclusively canned food. Unless I am tardy in opening and serving up the contents of a fresh can. This makes her very unhappy, and she is never shy about giving me the what-for about it. On the rare occasion that she is forced to eat dry kibble, I have some serious apologizing and atoning to do.Continue reading Lump Chump

Dad’s Personal IT Support Service

Dad’s Personal IT Support Service published on 1 Comment on Dad’s Personal IT Support Service

I went to my dad’s house Friday afternoon. I try to go over at least once a week to do a load or two of laundry. It saves me money, and I get to visit with my dad.

I won’t say how old he is – nor how old I am, for that matter. Suffice it to say that we’ve both been around long enough to see technology change and advance drastically. I remember the days when if you wanted to watch a movie or television show, you had to make sure your butt was parked in front of the television at the exact time that program was being broadcast or you were out of luck until summer reruns. I used to fantasize about being able to watch anything I wanted any time by means of a device small enough and light enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Imagine that!Continue reading Dad’s Personal IT Support Service

Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories

Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories published on 4 Comments on Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories

The Dark Knight Rises… And Tries to Steal All My Candy

This year for Halloween, I went to my dad’s house to do a load of laundry and pass out candy. I sat on a plastic chair on the front porch freezing my buns off, a tan Tupperware bowl filled with bite-sized chocolate bars perched on my lap. Dad remained indoors – where it was warm, I might add – working on his absentee ballot for the presidential election. He sat at the dining room table so he could watch the parade of costumed trick-or-treaters through the front window.Continue reading Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories

The Taunting

The Taunting published on No Comments on The Taunting

gauntlet“It’s on!” For my sister and me, these words mark the official beginning of our annual holiday gift giving tradition: The Taunting. The first to throw down the gauntlet takes the immediate lead. This is always accompanied by a mandatory taunting in a conversation that goes something like this:

“Just so you know, I got you something today.”
“Oh, no, you did not!”
“Yep! It’s on the table. I’m looking at it right now.” This is said slowly and deliberately and in a teasing tone that would make any fourth grader envious.
“That’s not right!” said seriously, followed by an excited “What did you get?”
“Nope! Not telling. You’ll have to wait. But you’re really going to like it.”
“Fine. It’s on, then!”
“Just so we’re clear on the score so far, I have one point. You have none. Have a nice day!”Continue reading The Taunting

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