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Lump Chump

Lump Chump published on 2 Comments on Lump Chump
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I have two cats or, more accurately, two cats own me. People who live with cats will especially appreciate this dynamic. I feed them two kinds of food. My younger cat, Benedict Montgomery Cumbercat, a tuxedo with an adorably tiny, black “soul patch” on his white chin, mostly eats dry kibble, but does enjoy a bit of the canned food, as well. My older gray cat, Violet, with her two-inch long tail with which she was born (most of her litter mates also had a similar stumpy tail), eats almost exclusively canned food. Unless I am tardy in opening and serving up the contents of a fresh can. This makes her very unhappy, and she is never shy about giving me the what-for about it. On the rare occasion that she is forced to eat dry kibble, I have some serious apologizing and atoning to do.Continue reading Lump Chump

The Blanket

The Blanket published on No Comments on The Blanket

emergency blanketA while ago, I dismantled a long-expired emergency supply kit that my mother had given me to keep in my car.  I could use a few things, like bandages, but most of it had expired and went into the trash.  There was one item I couldn’t bring myself to throw away:  A mylar first aid blanket, also known as a space blanket.Continue reading The Blanket

Netflix: The Legal Drug

Netflix: The Legal Drug published on No Comments on Netflix: The Legal Drug

230px-Netflix_logo.svgNetflix isn’t just an entertainment service.  It’s a drug.  Want proof?  I have been watching all the episodes of “24” from the beginning FOR THE SECOND TIME!Continue reading Netflix: The Legal Drug

Shamed By The Cat

Shamed By The Cat published on 2 Comments on Shamed By The Cat

Granny SquareMy sister made… no, she COERCED me into taking a three-week beginning crochet class, the third and final installment of which I attended today.  We learned how to make granny squares.  Other than practicing – of which I did little because that’s the kind of week it was – my homework was to look up some videos on YouTube of people teaching various methods for constructing a granny square so that I would have an idea as to what I would be doing.Continue reading Shamed By The Cat

My Super Power

My Super Power published on 1 Comment on My Super Power

I have a super power.  I can’t walk through walls, make myself invisible or move things with my mind.  My super power is much more subtle than that.  I have the ability to stop any television series from being renewed merely by liking it a lot and watching it on a regular basis.Continue reading My Super Power

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