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Intimidation Factor

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Wipeout HD

Several years ago, my teenage nephew introduced me to a fantastic Playstation3 game entitled Wipeout HD.  It’s a racing game in which contenders vie against one another in Star Wars-like hover ships on a wide variety of futuristic-looking tracks.  But it’s even better than that because you can pick up weapons along the way and use them against your opponents.  Of course, the flip side to that is that they can also use them against you.Continue reading Intimidation Factor

Mea Culpa

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no_swearing2Ever since my niece and nephew were born, my sister and brother-in-law have had a House Rule in place about using “spicy” language around their young and impressionable ears.  My brother-in-law had a coin bank, and whenever someone would light a sh-parkler or drop an f-bomb, the offending party would have to cough up one dollar to the kitty per offense.Continue reading Mea Culpa

Being My Own DJ

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DJI suppose I have a fairly substantial music collection, at least my teenage nephew seems to think so.  I have a 32-gigabyte Apple iPod Nano which is pretty much filled to capacity.Continue reading Being My Own DJ

Holiday Hijinks

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Incident #1
Dad began unloading some groceries he had purchased from the local produce store before heading over to the airport to pick me up.  I had already taken off my coat, shoes and socks, and had positioned myself just inside the side door so he could hand the bags over to me from the back of the van.

“Don’t stand in the house!” he insisted.  “Come down here and help me!”Continue reading Holiday Hijinks

Dear Apple

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Dear Apple,

I have been a loyal “Apple Fangirl,” as my nephew calls me, for several years after I purchased my first Apple product:  A 13-inch, aluminum-bodied Macbook.  After enduring years of Windows angst, I had finally found computing Nirvana.  Once I’d tasted of the Silicon Fruit, I couldn’t get enough of it.Continue reading Dear Apple

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