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Lump Chump

Lump Chump published on 2 Comments on Lump Chump
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I have two cats or, more accurately, two cats own me. People who live with cats will especially appreciate this dynamic. I feed them two kinds of food. My younger cat, Benedict Montgomery Cumbercat, a tuxedo with an adorably tiny, black “soul patch” on his white chin, mostly eats dry kibble, but does enjoy a bit of the canned food, as well. My older gray cat, Violet, with her two-inch long tail with which she was born (most of her litter mates also had a similar stumpy tail), eats almost exclusively canned food. Unless I am tardy in opening and serving up the contents of a fresh can. This makes her very unhappy, and she is never shy about giving me the what-for about it. On the rare occasion that she is forced to eat dry kibble, I have some serious apologizing and atoning to do.Continue reading Lump Chump

Construction Catastrophe

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On the last Saturday of May, I arrived home to find a flyer on my apartment door from the leasing office. It was late, I was exhausted, and the entire page was filled with two bulleted lists of detailed instructions followed by several paragraphs. It looked complicated. It looked like a pain in the ass. So I tossed it on the kitchen counter and went to bed.Continue reading Construction Catastrophe

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