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Gardening With Suzanna: Mosquitoes

Gardening With Suzanna: Mosquitoes published on No Comments on Gardening With Suzanna: Mosquitoes

220px-Mosquito_2007-2I know hate is a pretty strong word, but that’s how I feel about mosquitoes.  They just, well… suck!  Other than providing food for bats, I can’t see what useful function mosquitoes play on this planet.  They carry all kinds of viruses – like the ones for malaria and West Nile – and they annoy the dickens out of people like me.Continue reading Gardening With Suzanna: Mosquitoes

Don’t Lose Your Parking Ticket!

Don’t Lose Your Parking Ticket! published on 2 Comments on Don’t Lose Your Parking Ticket!

airport parking signI drove to Bush Intercontinental Airport last night to pick up a friend.  I decided to park at the terminal and go inside instead of driving through the outside pick-up area because I needed to use the facilities.Continue reading Don’t Lose Your Parking Ticket!

“First Class, Baby!”

“First Class, Baby!” published on No Comments on “First Class, Baby!”

First Class seatsThe first time I flew First Class was a bit of a fluke. I was catching a non-stop flight home to Houston from visiting my parents in Detroit and was offered an upgrade at the check-in kiosk for $50. I’m normally quite thrifty; some (my sister) would call me “cheap.” After a few minutes of careful deliberation, I made the uncharacteristic decision to splurge on myself. I had never flown First Class before, and I wanted to see what it was like. Fifty dollars to satisfy my curiosity? Sold!Continue reading “First Class, Baby!”

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