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Baking Chocolate Surprise

Baking Chocolate Surprise published on 3 Comments on Baking Chocolate Surprise

chocolate_barsThe other day, I was doing a bit of grocery shopping and pushed my cart down the baking aisle to pick up a box of currants for some currant shortbread cookies. I saw the baking chocolate nearby and remembered that I had also wanted to make some brownies. The recipe called for unsweetened baking chocolate which, at the time, I didn’t have, so I tossed a package of chocolate in my cart, as well.Continue reading Baking Chocolate Surprise

Elliott’s Bakery

Elliott’s Bakery published on 3 Comments on Elliott’s Bakery

Elliott's BakeryWhenever I fly up to Detroit to visit my family, I always try to squeeze in a visit to Elliott’s Bakery. Continue reading Elliott’s Bakery

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