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Bathroom Cat

Bathroom Cat published on No Comments on Bathroom Cat

AliceLast spring, I moved to a new apartment and, with the blessing of my fabulous landlord, migrated the two outdoor cats I’d been feeding for over a year after they showed up on the eve of a nasty winter ice storm.  Over the summer, I noticed that one of them – Alice, a beautiful, medium-haired calico – was hopping around with a significant limp.  At first, I thought that she had been hit by a car.  A trip to the vet, however, revealed that she had developed an abscess, likely the result of a bite sustained during a skirmish with another outdoor cat.Continue reading Bathroom Cat

Cat: 1, Human: 0

Cat: 1, Human: 0 published on 3 Comments on Cat: 1, Human: 0

imageFor the average layperson, I’m pretty savvy when it comes to technology. Sometimes, however, I have to enlist the help of a teenager to help me work through a problem.

And I’m okay with that. Because when the Zombie Apocalypse hits,Continue reading Cat: 1, Human: 0

Spence McManly Goes To The Movies

Spence McManly Goes To The Movies published on No Comments on Spence McManly Goes To The Movies

When I met Spence McManly at the coffee shop earlier this week, he asked me what I was doing Friday evening.

“Um, my peeps are going to swing by in the Mother Ship.  Why?”Continue reading Spence McManly Goes To The Movies

Fun With Cats

Fun With Cats published on 2 Comments on Fun With Cats

I discussed in an earlier post (Dear Apple) my recent purchase of an iPad Mini and how chafed I was – and still am, in fact – by their cursed security questions.  (And no, that issue has not been resolved, and for that, Apple still sucks.  But I digress…)Continue reading Fun With Cats

HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna published on 4 Comments on HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

Henry broke into an old abandoned house one night.  The only thing they found of him was his brand new flashlight.


Anna often dressed up as a cat.  She got into many fights for that.Continue reading HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

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