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Lump Chump

Lump Chump published on 2 Comments on Lump Chump
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I have two cats or, more accurately, two cats own me. People who live with cats will especially appreciate this dynamic. I feed them two kinds of food. My younger cat, Benedict Montgomery Cumbercat, a tuxedo with an adorably tiny, black “soul patch” on his white chin, mostly eats dry kibble, but does enjoy a bit of the canned food, as well. My older gray cat, Violet, with her two-inch long tail with which she was born (most of her litter mates also had a similar stumpy tail), eats almost exclusively canned food. Unless I am tardy in opening and serving up the contents of a fresh can. This makes her very unhappy, and she is never shy about giving me the what-for about it. On the rare occasion that she is forced to eat dry kibble, I have some serious apologizing and atoning to do.Continue reading Lump Chump

Get Your Facts Straight Before You Decide!

Get Your Facts Straight Before You Decide! published on No Comments on Get Your Facts Straight Before You Decide!

Yesterday, I was taken on an emotional roller coaster ride compliments of my nine-year-old, orange tabby cat, Geoffrey. For a long time, he has had trouble holding down food. The problem was sporadic at first. Recently, however, it had worsened to the point where he had stopped eating, altogether. Meanwhile, his usually hefty weight of seventeen pounds had dropped in an alarmingly short amount of time to fourteen!Continue reading Get Your Facts Straight Before You Decide!

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bowling Green, Kentucky published on No Comments on Bowling Green, Kentucky
"Geoffrey" (Photo credit: S. Juby)
(Photo credit: S. Juby)

In August of 2014, after lots of encouragement – and sometimes outright nagging – from my sister, Johanna, I finally decided to leave Houston, my home for over two decades. To sweeten the deal, she flew down from her home in Toronto to help me make the three-day drive back to Detroit, Michigan, where we grew up. Continue reading Bowling Green, Kentucky

The Blanket

The Blanket published on No Comments on The Blanket

emergency blanketA while ago, I dismantled a long-expired emergency supply kit that my mother had given me to keep in my car.  I could use a few things, like bandages, but most of it had expired and went into the trash.  There was one item I couldn’t bring myself to throw away:  A mylar first aid blanket, also known as a space blanket.Continue reading The Blanket

Invasion Of The Tree Roach

Invasion Of The Tree Roach published on No Comments on Invasion Of The Tree Roach

roachEach night before I go to bed, I jog downstairs to retrieve the outdoor cat food.  I bring it inside for the night to keep it from being devoured by the raccoon that comes around looking for an easy meal. Sometimes, I end up bringing other things into my apartment, too.Continue reading Invasion Of The Tree Roach

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