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Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories

Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories published on 4 Comments on Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories

The Dark Knight Rises… And Tries to Steal All My Candy

This year for Halloween, I went to my dad’s house to do a load of laundry and pass out candy. I sat on a plastic chair on the front porch freezing my buns off, a tan Tupperware bowl filled with bite-sized chocolate bars perched on my lap. Dad remained indoors – where it was warm, I might add – working on his absentee ballot for the presidential election. He sat at the dining room table so he could watch the parade of costumed trick-or-treaters through the front window.Continue reading Halloween 2016: Bad Batman and Other Stories

Candy Corn

Candy Corn published on No Comments on Candy Corn

candy cornA few weeks ago while I was at the pharmacy, I spotted a bag of Brach’s candy corn.  It contained regular candy corn, chocolate candy corn and candy corn pumpkins.  I was tempted. All the Halloween candy was out and this was a holiday classic.  You don’t need that, I thought to myself.  It’s mostly sugar.  But I wanted it. Badly.Continue reading Candy Corn

What Color Is This?

What Color Is This? published on No Comments on What Color Is This?

M&MsSpeaking of colors, I’m reminded of the method my dad used to teach me my colors when I was in Kindergarten.  Apparently, my teacher informed my parents that I was “behind” in my color recognition skills and needed extra practice.  Translation:  I hadn’t yet encountered the proper  motivation to learn them.Continue reading What Color Is This?

HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna published on 4 Comments on HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

Henry broke into an old abandoned house one night.  The only thing they found of him was his brand new flashlight.


Anna often dressed up as a cat.  She got into many fights for that.Continue reading HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

Praying For Candy

Praying For Candy published on 3 Comments on Praying For Candy

When we were kids, my younger sister, Johanna, would sometimes be asked to say grace over dinner.Continue reading Praying For Candy

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