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Dad’s Personal IT Support Service

Dad’s Personal IT Support Service published on 1 Comment on Dad’s Personal IT Support Service

I went to my dad’s house Friday afternoon. I try to go over at least once a week to do a load or two of laundry. It saves me money, and I get to visit with my dad.

I won’t say how old he is – nor how old I am, for that matter. Suffice it to say that we’ve both been around long enough to see technology change and advance drastically. I remember the days when if you wanted to watch a movie or television show, you had to make sure your butt was parked in front of the television at the exact time that program was being broadcast or you were out of luck until summer reruns. I used to fantasize about being able to watch anything I wanted any time by means of a device small enough and light enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Imagine that!Continue reading Dad’s Personal IT Support Service

The Mummy Head Incident

The Mummy Head Incident published on No Comments on The Mummy Head Incident
Mummy, 30 BCE-395 BCE Human remains, linen, gold, brass Unknown artist Egyptian
Mummy, 30 B.C.E.-395 C.E.
Human remains, linen, gold, brass
Unknown artist
(Detroit Institute of Arts)

Growing up, I had an intense interest in the people and customs of ancient Egypt. One of the reasons was cats: I loved cats and had one of my own during most of that time. I loved that the ancient Egyptians shared my adoration for and appreciation of the cat. They even had a cat-headed goddess named Bastet!

What really fascinated me, though, was ancient Egyptian mummification.Continue reading The Mummy Head Incident

When Friends Disagree

When Friends Disagree published on No Comments on When Friends Disagree

UnionJackI have this really great friend.  Her name is Andrea.  When we were first getting to know one another, we quickly discovered our mutual affinity for all (or at least I thought) things English:  The BBC, tea and biscuits, the various delightful accents.Continue reading When Friends Disagree

Grammar Rant: “That” Vs. “Who/Whom”

Grammar Rant: “That” Vs. “Who/Whom” published on No Comments on Grammar Rant: “That” Vs. “Who/Whom”

Machovka_Axe.pngI wish I had a dollar every time I’ve heard the relative pronoun “that” used to refer to a person. I tell you, it’s just about enough to make me want to slap my own forehead repeatedly. Then again, being subjected to such atrocious grammar is painful enough.Continue reading Grammar Rant: “That” Vs. “Who/Whom”


Aww! published on No Comments on Aww!

Owl O'Knowl“This past weekend, a friend and I headed to MicroCenter because I wanted to pick up a few things.  MicroCenter is one place I do not venture unless there is something specific I am looking for and which I cannot easily find anywhere else simply because it has way too much fantastic Geek Ware for my own good.Continue reading Aww!

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