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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos published on 2 Comments on Fish Tacos

Hot, grilled, seasoned fish
With tangy sauce wrapped in a
Soft taco shell.  Yum!

Costume, by Violet

Costume, by Violet published on 1 Comment on Costume, by Violet

I have the pattern
and the special fabrics, too,
for my cool costume.

Autumn, by Violet

Autumn, by Violet published on 3 Comments on Autumn, by Violet

Yellow, red and orange
Falling, falling on my head.
Autumn has arrived.

Hmmm…, by Violet

Hmmm…, by Violet published on 5 Comments on Hmmm…, by Violet

So many costumes…
I must pick just the right one
for Halloween night!

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