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Detroit Institute of Arts: Coming Home

Detroit Institute of Arts: Coming Home published on 1 Comment on Detroit Institute of Arts: Coming Home
image-16Woodward Ent 4-08
Front (Woodward St.) Entrance to the DIA

It took me more than a year after I moved back to the Detroit area to make the long overdue pilgrimage to a place I hadn’t been since childhood: The Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA is listed by Fodor’s as among the “20 Must-See Art Museums in America,” and US News Travel advises that if you come to Detroit and do only one thing, that one thing absolutely must be a visit to the DIA! The museum’s own website proudly declares that “The DIA’s collection is among the top six in the United States, comprising a multicultural and multinational survey of human creativity from prehistory through the 21st century.”Continue reading Detroit Institute of Arts: Coming Home

When Friends Disagree

When Friends Disagree published on No Comments on When Friends Disagree

UnionJackI have this really great friend.  Her name is Andrea.  When we were first getting to know one another, we quickly discovered our mutual affinity for all (or at least I thought) things English:  The BBC, tea and biscuits, the various delightful accents.Continue reading When Friends Disagree

The Blanket

The Blanket published on No Comments on The Blanket

emergency blanketA while ago, I dismantled a long-expired emergency supply kit that my mother had given me to keep in my car.  I could use a few things, like bandages, but most of it had expired and went into the trash.  There was one item I couldn’t bring myself to throw away:  A mylar first aid blanket, also known as a space blanket.Continue reading The Blanket

Candy Corn

Candy Corn published on No Comments on Candy Corn

candy cornA few weeks ago while I was at the pharmacy, I spotted a bag of Brach’s candy corn.  It contained regular candy corn, chocolate candy corn and candy corn pumpkins.  I was tempted. All the Halloween candy was out and this was a holiday classic.  You don’t need that, I thought to myself.  It’s mostly sugar.  But I wanted it. Badly.Continue reading Candy Corn

Why I Love Trader Joe’s

Why I Love Trader Joe’s published on No Comments on Why I Love Trader Joe’s

grocery bagI went grocery shopping today.  It’s not something I enjoy doing.  In fact, I usually put it off for as long as possible.  I like having a well-stocked pantry; I just don’t like having to go through the motions to make that happen.Continue reading Why I Love Trader Joe’s

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