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Watch Where You’re Going!

Watch Where You’re Going! published on No Comments on Watch Where You’re Going!

BikeOne day, when I was about 11 years old, I was doing something I’d done many times before: riding my bike around the block. Except this day was different in several ways. Continue reading Watch Where You’re Going!

Niacin Flush Frivolity

Niacin Flush Frivolity published on No Comments on Niacin Flush Frivolity
Nicotinic acid
Nicotinic acid (

Dad used to enjoy more than his fair share of fast food during his trips back and forth to his job as an electrician at Ford Motor Company. As kids, we would regularly find dried and shriveled French fries under the driver’s seat of his car. Eventually, he had what they refer to in the South as a “Come to Jesus moment.” He cut out the fast food, switched to a healthier diet, started to exercise and lost weight.Continue reading Niacin Flush Frivolity

The Mummy Head Incident

The Mummy Head Incident published on No Comments on The Mummy Head Incident
Mummy, 30 BCE-395 BCE Human remains, linen, gold, brass Unknown artist Egyptian
Mummy, 30 B.C.E.-395 C.E.
Human remains, linen, gold, brass
Unknown artist
(Detroit Institute of Arts)

Growing up, I had an intense interest in the people and customs of ancient Egypt. One of the reasons was cats: I loved cats and had one of my own during most of that time. I loved that the ancient Egyptians shared my adoration for and appreciation of the cat. They even had a cat-headed goddess named Bastet!

What really fascinated me, though, was ancient Egyptian mummification.Continue reading The Mummy Head Incident

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bowling Green, Kentucky published on No Comments on Bowling Green, Kentucky
"Geoffrey" (Photo credit: S. Juby)
(Photo credit: S. Juby)

In August of 2014, after lots of encouragement – and sometimes outright nagging – from my sister, Johanna, I finally decided to leave Houston, my home for over two decades. To sweeten the deal, she flew down from her home in Toronto to help me make the three-day drive back to Detroit, Michigan, where we grew up. Continue reading Bowling Green, Kentucky

The Look

The Look published on No Comments on The Look
"The Look" (Photo credit: S. Juby)
“The Look”
(Photo credit: S. Juby)

During one of my recent visits to the Detroit Institute of Arts, I decided to pop into the gift shop to do a bit of window shopping. I was examining some wallets and coin purses when I witnessed a classic example of sibling rivalry go down between two brothers several feet away who appeared to be around 16 and 13 years old. Continue reading The Look

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