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Ant Invasion

Ant Invasion published on No Comments on Ant Invasion

antI’ve discussed ants – specifically fire ants – in previous posts.  I will reiterate here that I do not like fire ants.  They bite for no apparent reason, and it hurts.  Enough said.

There’s another kind of ant.  I don’t know what it’s called.  It’s much smaller than a typical fire ant, is black in color and doesn’t bite.  So far, so good.  The only problem with this ant – to which I will refer simply as “ant” – is that its tiny size allows it to gain access to one’s home via various nooks and crannies.  They specifically like to target the kitchen and anywhere else food is available.

Some time ago, I had a problem with these ants stealing food from my cats’ dry food dish.  There was one tiny row heading towards the bowl and another row headed back carrying wee specks of food.  I followed the lines and identified their means of entry.  I didn’t have any caulking to seal the hole, so I used the next thing I could think of:  Toothpaste.  It worked, and I never had ant problems at the cat dish, again.

Now the ants have shown up at my kitchen sink, and they are not so easily foiled.  I identified their access hole at the edge of an electrical outlet plate.  This time, however, I had some caulking.  I caulked their hole and watched gleefully as the ants arrived at the spot, stopped, and were obviously confused as to what to do.

A while later, I checked back.  The ants had simply extended their route above the caulking.  So I sealed around the entire outlet plate.  Surely, I thought, they can’t get out now.  I was wrong.  They were now using the rounded rectangle surrounding the face-like plugs.  Well, I certainly wasn’t about to caulk there!

Time for a different approach.  I’ve read that black pepper repels ants.  I’ll give it a shot.


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