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Clampin’ Down On The Clutter

Clampin’ Down On The Clutter published on No Comments on Clampin’ Down On The Clutter

recyclingFor those of you who know me, you know that I hate clutter.  I try, and usually succeed, to maintain a clutter-free home.  Occasionally, I will open the front door, take a good, hard look around, decide there is too much clutter and that it has got to go!  

What my home usually needs is a just bit of straightening up here and some cleaning there, and my clutter panic spell has run its course. Recently, however, I was presented with a challenge.  A local charity was having a garage/book sale and was soliciting donations of books, clothing, electronics in working condition, etc.  Time to recycle that clutter!

I had a mission and I had a deadline.  Perfect!

I started with the obvious clutter lying around, then began going through my apartment, section by section, and getting rid of stuff.  It was glorious! After that, I headed down to the garage which is not so glorious.  It is dark with lots of creepy spiders, roaches, beetles, centipedes and frogs.  Yes, frogs.  It had rained a lot recently and I learned that a small stream of water was running along inside of the right side of the garage.  A dead leaf floated lazily by.

I eliminated so much stuff that I had to make two trips.  On day one, I delivered approximately eight grocery-sized bags filled with anything you can imagine and one storage tub filled with messenger bags and backpacks (I got the tub back).  On day two, I delivered a smaller haul:  A floor lamp, a tub filled with more odds and ends, a food saver and a bread maker.  (It takes up a lot of space, I know how to make bread, anyway, and I like my homemade bread better.)

You’d think I’d be finished.  But no.  I then filled up four paper grocery bags with books and DVDs which are destined to the used book store where I will exchange them for cold, hard cash.  Hopefully at least $30.

Then I have some paperwork and shredding to do.  I am not looking forward to that.

And then there are my CDs which I never actually use.  But that’s a discussion for another day.

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