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Candy Corn

Candy Corn published on No Comments on Candy Corn

candy cornA few weeks ago while I was at the pharmacy, I spotted a bag of Brach’s candy corn.  It contained regular candy corn, chocolate candy corn and candy corn pumpkins.  I was tempted. All the Halloween candy was out and this was a holiday classic.  You don’t need that, I thought to myself.  It’s mostly sugar.  But I wanted it. Badly.

I caved, grabbed a bag and tossed it into my basket.

Over the next few weeks, I’d take an occasional small handful of candy corn and eat them while watching TV.  Sometimes I’d suck on them until they were grainy little ghosts of themselves.  Other times, I’d just chew on them whole, which would make my teeth hurt from the assault of all that sugar.  Always, I would be careful to stop just this side of putting myself into a sugar coma.  I was usually successful.  Eventually, the last candy corn was gone, and I sadly threw the bag away.

Recently, I was at the pharmacy again and considered purchasing another one.  I decided the one bag was forgivable, but a second bag would be downright decadent, and in a bad way.  I really did not need to consume that much sugar.

So I’ve enjoyed my Halloween treat for the year.  Does this mean I won’t treat myself to anything else before the holiday arrives?  Not necessarily, but I’ve had enough candy corn.

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