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How To Install A New Car Battery

How To Install A New Car Battery published on No Comments on How To Install A New Car Battery

car batteryNot long ago, my car began hesitating when I turned the ignition key.  This was obviously worrisome to me.  And then one day, it didn’t start at all.  So I did what came naturally:  I freaked out.  Would I have to pay to have my car towed to a shop and have it looked at?  I called my Dad, who always did all the car repairs when I was growing up.  He assured me that all I needed was a new battery.  I hoped he was right.

I called a friend who was gracious enough to come rescue me and help me make the switch.  We disconnected and removed the old battery – negative (right) terminal first, then the positive (left) – took it to a local auto supply store, traded it out for a new one and drove back to my car.  At my dad’s suggestion, I spent a few extra dollars for a couple of felt disks and some anti-corrosive battery terminal lube.

We set the battery into place, slid a felt disk over the positive (left) terminal, covered it with grease and connected it.  We did the same thing to the negative (right) terminal, and then my friend turned a screw at the bottom of the battery to anchor it in.

And then the Moment Of Truth:  I turned the ignition and my car started right up!

Hopefully, that’s the last car problem I’ll have for a long time.  Fingers crossed.

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