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Keep Your Wiper Fluid Filled!

Keep Your Wiper Fluid Filled! published on No Comments on Keep Your Wiper Fluid Filled!

treeI had to drive somewhere yesterday evening. My trip involved a westward route towards the setting sun.  My car had been parked under a tree which is going through a “crying spell” and is dripping sap all over my front windshield.

It wasn’t until I got into my car that I realized how obscured my vision was.  I instinctively pushed in the wiper knob to squirt some fluid on the windshield to wipe off the sap, and that’s when I remembered: I had run out of wiper fluid and hadn’t yet replenished it.

Worse yet, my wiper blades got stuck half-way across the windshield because it was so gummed up with sap.  It took several bumps on the road to get them to finally fall back down to their resting position.

I made it to my destination okay, although with some difficulty caused by the glare from the setting sun.  My drive home was somewhat easier since I was heading in the opposite direction.

Obviously, I won’t be driving again until I’ve cleaned off my front windshield.  And I will try not to let my wiper fluid go dry again.  As for the tree, I hope it finishes its sap fest soon.

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