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Black And Orange!

Black And Orange! published on No Comments on Black And Orange!

jack o'lanternWhat do the colors black and orange remind you of?  Give up?


Normally, I would balk at the notion of holiday wares being hawked a full two months before the actual holiday.  I mean, come ON, people!

But Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday, so it gets a free pass.

Yes, it’s only the first week of September, but I have already seen Halloween decorations being displayed at my local pharmacy, and it warms my heart.  This means I have a full two months worth of Halloween browsing to look forward to.  I can hardly stand the thought of it!  A one-day holiday transformed into two months of build-up!  Awesome!

I have an orange happy face pin with fangs.  I may just bust it out extra early for maximum enjoyment.

Happy Halloween, everyone.  Enjoy the two months of the holiday.  I know I will.

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