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Food Thieves

Food Thieves published on No Comments on Food Thieves

pigeonI have been feeding the outdoor cat, Agatha, from my front porch.  I had a problem with the pigeons getting into the food and gorging themselves. And since Agatha apparently doesn’t have a predatory bone in her body, I had to come up with a way of discouraging them.  I placed a plastic bin over the food and water bowls with one side cut out so she could gain access to the bowls.  This – at least theoretically – was supposed to make it harder for the pigeons to fly down and help themselves.

The results have been half-baked, at best.

I discovered another food thief very early one morning when I heard the plastic bin being dragged across the porch.  I went downstairs to investigate only to come face to face with a giant raccoon.  He was too large to fit in the access hole I’d made in the bin, so he had to drag it with him until he could dislodge himself from it, spilling food and water in the process.

To solve the raccoon problem, I had to start bringing whatever was left of the dry food indoors at night.

The pigeon problem, however, persists.  Not only do they continue to eat the cat food, but then they leave cat-food-colored droppings all over my front windshield.

I cannot catch a break.

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