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Shamed By The Cat

Shamed By The Cat published on 2 Comments on Shamed By The Cat

Granny SquareMy sister made… no, she COERCED me into taking a three-week beginning crochet class, the third and final installment of which I attended today.  We learned how to make granny squares.  Other than practicing – of which I did little because that’s the kind of week it was – my homework was to look up some videos on YouTube of people teaching various methods for constructing a granny square so that I would have an idea as to what I would be doing.

I pulled up a particularly interesting video of a man showing how to make and connect granny squares in great detail.  He even had background music.  I watched it several days ago and then sort of forgot about it.

Today, I was watching a creepy English ghost film on Netflix when I suddenly heard a man’s voice speaking in a conversational tone.  It took me a few seconds to realize that it was not coming from the movie I was watching.  I paused the movie and walked around to my office area where my laptop was set up on top of my desk.

To my utter astonishment, I found my Russian Blue, Violet, sitting on top of my computer watching the same granny square crochet video I had viewed a couple of days earlier.  I have no idea how she pulled it up, but there she sat, enthralled.  While I was having the bejeezus scared out of me, my cat was doing my crochet homework.

Eventually, she got bored and moved on to something else and I watched the rest of the video.  It was, after all, my homework.



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