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Gardening With Suzanna: My First Cherry Tomato!

Gardening With Suzanna: My First Cherry Tomato! published on 1 Comment on Gardening With Suzanna: My First Cherry Tomato!

cherry tomatoThis morning, I looked out my kitchen window and thought I’d spotted a bit of red amongst my tomato plants.  I looked again.  Yes!  There appeared to be one bright red cherry tomato hanging from one of my vines.  I was thrilled!

I grabbed my iPad to take a photograph, jammed some slip-on shoes onto my feet and hurried out to the back yard for a closer inspection accompanied by Agatha, the outdoor cat.

Sure enough, of the several bunches of green cherry tomatoes promisingly hanging from the vine, one had had the decency to turn bright red.  Just one.  But it was enough.  After snapping a few photos, I carefully removed the little tomato and rushed back into my apartment.

I washed it off and then came the Moment Of Truth:  I popped that little tomato into my mouth and bit down, letting its warm tomatoey innards spill out all over my tomato-starved taste buds.  And they were not disappointed.  It was Heaven.  Tomato Heaven.

I’m waiting for the rest of the cherry tomatoes to turn red so I can harvest them.  As far as the other two tomato plants are concerned, I am cautiously optimistic.   I only got one full-sized tomato from one of them and that was ruined by a caterpillar.  So far, there’s been nothing more from either vine.

I’m not calling them slackers, yet, but they’re on probation.

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