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Origami Notes: Drowning In Cranes

Origami Notes: Drowning In Cranes published on No Comments on Origami Notes: Drowning In Cranes

220px-PaperCranesOrigami can be fun.  Origami can be meditative. Origami can drive you nuts in that challenging, crossword puzzle kind of way.

Origami can also leave you with a dilemma:  What to do with all those paper cranes?  After all, there are only so many you can hang onto a mobile. And you already made two tiny ones into a pair of cute little earrings.

So now what?

I’m afraid that the only paper folding I’ll be doing for a while will be at the coffee shop where I can leave any successes to entertain the barista behind the counter.

No more paper folding at home.  Sayonara, origami.

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