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Gardening With Suzanna: The Hummingbird Feeder

Gardening With Suzanna: The Hummingbird Feeder published on No Comments on Gardening With Suzanna: The Hummingbird Feeder

colibriI went to my small, local hardware store (C & D Harware in the Heights) and bought a hummingbird feeder and some powdered Kool-Aid for hummingbirds.  I also bought a heavy-duty bracket with which to affix the feeder to the side of the building next to one of my kitchen windows so I could enjoy the view when the tiny birds come to visit.

My kitchen has three windows:  One along the west wall behind the sink, a second along the same wall behind the stove and a third along the adjacent north wall. Since I spend most of my kitchen time by the window behind the sink, I decided to install the feeder just outside and to the left of that window.  The problem was that in order to install the bracket outside the window and onto the side of the building, I had to climb up onto the counter, sit in the sink on my right side and lean outside the window.

I looked down to the deck below and decided that this would be a very bad time to fall.  It was the middle of the day, and I was guessing that even if I were conscious and could call for help, there was no guarantee that anyone would be home to hear me.  It’s a good thing Mom isn’t seeing this, I thought to myself.  I had a brief flash of her gasping with horror at the sight of her first born hanging precariously out the kitchen window to install, of all things, a bird feeder.  So I hooked my left foot inside the pantry to brace myself so that I didn’t fall through the window.

I used my new toy – a nifty cordless drill that I received from my parents for Christmas – to drill the holes and install the screws for the bracket. Next, I followed the directions on the box to mix up some of the red hummingbird nectar and used a funnel to pour it neatly into the bottle part of the feeder.  I screwed it onto its base, turned it upside down, then climbed up onto the sink and leaned out the window again to hang it on its bracket.

I haven’t spotted any hummingbirds, yet, but there are a couple of holes at the top of the bracket where I might make and install a bright red sign to get their attention – something saying “Hummingbird Cafe” or “Chez Colibri” (French for “Hummingbird Place”).

They are birds, after all, so I’m assuming the bright red color is at least slightly more important than the language I use to advertise my wares.

Maybe they’re like us humans, though; maybe sometimes they just need a little extra help finding their way.

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