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Owl O'Knowl“This past weekend, a friend and I headed to MicroCenter because I wanted to pick up a few things.  MicroCenter is one place I do not venture unless there is something specific I am looking for and which I cannot easily find anywhere else simply because it has way too much fantastic Geek Ware for my own good.

I had wanted to pick up a new flash drive since the bottom half of my treasured owl – which I had named “Owl O’Knowl” – disappeared (It was likely mistaken for an eraser and stolen.), forcing me to have to clothe his nether regions in a protective blue sleeve from an older flash drive to protect my data and preserve what little dignity he had left.

We were approaching the check-out line and, as is my habit these days, I was involved in an animated dialogue, mostly with myself.  I’d been giving a lot of thought as to the new flash drive I would purchase.  I had had two tuxedo cats in my life:  As a kid, I had a female whom I’d named Socks because she had white paws (not very creative, I know), and then again about thirteen years ago, another tuxedo cat – this time a male whom I named Raoul – clawed his way into my heart and never let go.  I thought it would be nice if I could find a Warner Brothers Sylvester cat flash drive to remind me of them.

Having unsuccessfully scoured the flash drive section of the store in search of an elusive Sylvester, I made my way to the check-out line with the rest of my haul.  Fortunately, I was talking to myself about how I wanted a Sylvester flash drive, and wasn’t it a shame that I couldn’t find one with the other flash drives.

Fortunately, one of the cashiers heard me muttering to myself and came to my rescue:
“Are you looking for a Sylvester flash drive?” she asked, apparently verifying that she had heard me correctly or that I was serious about my quest, I’m not sure which.
“Yes!  Do you have any?”
“I saw some over there by Aisle 8,” she said, pointing.
“Cool!  Thanks!”
I hurried over to Aisle 8 and looked around.  I did not see any Sylvester flash drives, but I did get distracted by some nifty LED headlights.
“You don’t need that,” said my friend when she saw me admiring it.

She was right.  I put it back.

We took one last look around, then headed to the cash register so I could pay.

“Did you find it?” asked the cashier, not seeing it on the counter.
“I couldn’t find it,” I replied.
Since it was slow at the store and there weren’t any customers waiting behind me, she said, “Hang on.”  She emerged from behind her counter and disappeared behind a display wall, reappearing with a 4G Sylvester flash drive.
“Awesome!” I exclaimed.  “Thank you!”
“You’re welcome!” she said cheerfully.  “They moved a lot of things recently, so they’re kind of hard to find.”

If this was meant to make me feel less stupid, it was working.  I gratefully paid for Sylvester and the rest of my items, and we headed out.

So here’s my new Sylvester flash drive.  It is squealingly cute, is it not?


I have no idea what I’m going to store on it.  I have a cloud account for storing and working on documents when I’m out and about and only have my iPad to work on (It doesn’t have a USB port.), so I have no idea what, if anything, will go on my little Sylvester/Raoul/Socks flash drive.

Then again, that’s not really the point, is it?

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