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Gardening With Suzanna: The Pod Plants

Gardening With Suzanna: The Pod Plants published on 4 Comments on Gardening With Suzanna: The Pod Plants

Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers_movie_poster_1978After living in my garage apartment for a year, it dawned on me recently that while my rent includes the exclusive use of a private back yard, it has been underutilized.

“Ignored” would be closer to the mark.

Most of the yard is covered by a wooden deck.  A tree, which juts nearly vertically from a rectangular hole in the center, provides a decent amount of shade during the afternoon hours.   Other than a couple of high-stalked plants topped by some funky-looking pods the size of marbles  that open into bright red, long petaled blooms, the ground is nothing but dirt, rocks and dead leaves.  It needs some tender loving care and lots of back-breaking work to transform my bland back yard into a Backyard Oasis.

I knew my landlord would have no problem with my Master Plan, but I called to get his blessing just as a courtesy.  Also, I wanted to ask him about those funky red blooms.  Maybe I’ve seen Invasion Of The Body Snatchers one too many times, but those pods were giving me the creeps.

“I can’t remember what those plants are called,” he said, “but they’ll attract hummingbirds.”
“Hummingbirds.  Cool.” I said, nodding my head.  “I can get a hummingbird feeder.”
“You could do that,” he said.  “Just watch out for those plants.  They can spill out and take over the rest of your garden.

Wait… Isn’t this how Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Started?  I had a brief flash of my face drying up, caving in and turning to dust as one of the pods in the back yard morphed into my likeness.

Nope, nope, nope!  Creepy pod plants have got to go!

I will hang a hummingbird feeder.


Hard to say. My head has a mind of its own these days and it has been bad, bad, bad! Right now, when it’s not feeling like the entire percussion section of an orchestra, I’m just trying to relax and keep my stress levels low. Obviously, that precludes my being at work. Keep checking my blog, not only for (hopefully) entertaining posts (which are also relaxing for me to write), but also for any updates on the work front. I miss you all! Love, Ms. Juby

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