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Lava Lamp Love

Lava Lamp Love published on No Comments on Lava Lamp Love

lava lampSometimes, when I get really stressed out, I like to turn off all the lights, light some incense, turn on my beloved, original late-60s-to-early-70s vintage lava lamp, let the wax warm up and then settle back into a chair or lie down on the couch and watch the globules lazily float around inside the rocket-shaped glass ampule.

I originally found this gem about twenty years ago at a garage sale; it cost me twenty dollars.  I brought it home and, because it was an electrical appliance and my dad was an electrician, it had to pass inspection before I was allowed to use it.

He decided it needed to be rewired and wisely suggested he change the cord from its original brown color to white so that it would be less obvious against the white and off-white color of most walls.  Then, he discovered that the top had a leak in it, so he sealed it with some epoxy.

The top and base of the lamp were originally metallic gold:
“Hey,” he said.  “How about if I repaint the base and the top matte black?  That’ll really make it pop with the blue inside.  What do you think?”
“Sure!” I said.

If you know my dad, you know that when he does a job, he leaves no stone left unturned.

Once the epoxy had set and the paint had dried, he brought the lamp into the house for its official “unveiling.”  I “ooed” and “aahed” as he walked me through everything he had done.  As far as I was concerned, I now had the best dang lava lamp, ever!  It was gorgeous!

I still think so.  Take another look.  Take your time:

lava lamp 2

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