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To Climb Or Not To Climb: Readers, Weigh In!

To Climb Or Not To Climb: Readers, Weigh In! published on 1 Comment on To Climb Or Not To Climb: Readers, Weigh In!

Recently, I was faced with a somewhat difficult decision.  I had to catch the bus, but I was unexpectedly faced with a locked gate and a six-foot-tall chain link fence.  I had two choices:

1.  Go back and around, which would have required an additional ten to fifteen minutes.  I would miss the bus and have to catch the next one thirty minutes later.
2.  Climb the fence and hop over to the other side.

I had inherited a healthy stubborn streak from my dad, and the bus stop was right… THERE!  My brain went into decision-making overdrive:  Should I climb and jump?  Or not.

Half of my brain said, “Suzanna, you are a grown woman.  You are not a teenager.  You don’t even remember the last time you hopped a fence. You could hurt yourself.  Don’t be silly.  Do the smart thing:  Go around.”

The other half of my brain said the following:  “The bus stop is right there! You can do it!  Some idiot locked the gate and now YOU have to pay for it? No, ma’am!  That’s ridiculous!  Are you gonna give up that easily?  Are you a quitter?  Stick it to The Man!  Do it!  DO IT!”

You know what?  I’m not going to tell you what I did.  I’m going to poll my reading audience.  Let’s see how well you think you know me.

What do YOU think I did?

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