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HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna published on 4 Comments on HALLOWEEN, by Violet & Suzanna

Henry broke into an old abandoned house one night.  The only thing they found of him was his brand new flashlight.


Anna often dressed up as a cat.  She got into many fights for that.


Louis made a life vest out of an old rubber raincoat.  He jumped into the river but he did not stay afloat.


Lilith ate all of her candy at once.  She didn’t have room for a wee bit of lunch!


Otto went out with his friends trick-or-treating.  He made himself sick with too much candy eating.



William spooked a small boy in a hat.  He was later chastised by a bat.



Eugene helped himself to a large slice of pie, but in the last bite, he saw a dead fly!



Emily went trick-or-treating alone that night.  She was frightened by a menacing light!



Never take candy from a stranger.  But if it’s Halloween, there’s likely less danger!



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