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Countdown To Halloween & Guest Blogger!

Countdown To Halloween & Guest Blogger! published on No Comments on Countdown To Halloween & Guest Blogger!

It’s finally October, and you all know what that means: Halloween is coming!

I love Halloween; I always have.  Every year, I would look forward with anticipation to the crisp autumn breezes; the bright reds, yellows and oranges of the turning leaves; the delightfully scary stories of ghosts and haunted houses; and, of course, what I would be for Halloween!

Some of the enthusiasm I have had for some holidays has waned over the years.  Not so for Halloween!  October 31st has never lost its magic.

And so, I would like to celebrate the Countdown To Halloween on my blog by attempting to post something every day of the month until The Big Day.  To assist me in this task, I have invited on board a young guest blogger who loves Halloween as much as I do.  She will be writing under the nom de plume of “Violet.”

We hope you enjoy it!

Suzanna & Violet

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