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“Blagger” published on 2 Comments on “Blagger”

One day, my sister said to me,
“You nag me most insistently
To read your blog posts instantly!Continue reading “Blagger”

The Broken Bed

The Broken Bed published on 6 Comments on The Broken Bed

When my sister, Johanna, and I were teenagers, our parents had gone out to run some errands.  They took our younger sister, Cara – who was around four at the time – with them.  Johanna and I  had the house to ourselves, unsupervised.  Life was good!Continue reading The Broken Bed

Flax Seed Freak

Flax Seed Freak published on No Comments on Flax Seed Freak

Over the decades, Dad has metamorphosed from the fast food, French fry-consuming, heart-attack-waiting-to-happen man of his earlier years into the trimmer, more health-conscious specimen we see today.  He’s into herbal supplements, whole grains and flax seeds. Lots of flax seeds.Continue reading Flax Seed Freak

Monday Evening Haiku

Monday Evening Haiku published on No Comments on Monday Evening Haiku

Hectic day is done.
Didn’t murder anyone.
Would have been more fun.

Monday Morning Haiku

Monday Morning Haiku published on No Comments on Monday Morning Haiku

Up at five thirty.
Coffee, breakfast, feed the beasts.
Out to catch the bus.

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