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Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse published on 3 Comments on Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

I did lots of really dumb things when I was a kid. For each act of stupidity, I look back and wonder what was going through my head. I come up with nothing other than the simple fact that I just didn’t think things through. At all.

One such incident occurred some time during my elementary school years, although I’m not entirely sure how old I was. I was caught permanently tagging something in my own house many years before I even knew what tagging was.

“Tagging,” for those of you not “hip to the scene,” refers to adding paint or any other embellishment to something that doesn’t belong to you. In an urban setting, tagging of buildings, street signs and other landmarks – both public and private –  is frequently done by gang members  to mark their territory.

Another word for tagging is “vandalism.”

My dad had recently installed a brand new, stainless steel sink in our kitchen. I had a palm-sized rock that I had brought in from outside.

Rock.  Sink.  Hmm…

I thought, Hey, I have a rock in my hand.  I should carve the word “rock” into the edge of the sink.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Obviously, it didn’t take my parents long to discover my “artwork.” They would have had to have been blind not to notice the word “rock” crudely carved onto the surface of a formerly pristine metallic surface.

I remember being brought into the kitchen, shown the evidence and asked if I had done it. I only remember that I must have immediately confessed to the crime because I knew I’d been caught; denying my guilt would have just made matters worse.

I was now a convicted vandal in the Juby Household.

I’m not sure what happened next. I don’t remember, and it doesn’t matter. As I stated earlier, this wasn’t the first time I did something stupid like this, and it wouldn’t be the last. (Keep checking my blog for more self-incriminating dirt!) There were always “consequences,” and they always involved losing “privileges.”

Many years later, we moved to another house and my parents kept our old one to rent out. About  eight years ago, I went back to our former house with my dad to take care of a few things, and I walked over to the kitchen sink. The word “rock” was still clearly visible on the stainless steel finish.

Take it from a vandal: Crime does not pay. Peace.


I know another in-house vandal, whose crime involved a dark blue Crayola and a large, unfinished wood cabinet, but then again, she was about 3… Did you know you can get out crayon marks on unfinished wood by scrubbing it with a dry cloth and dry baking soda? Now you do!

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