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New Word For Today: “Terpsichorean”

New Word For Today: “Terpsichorean” published on No Comments on New Word For Today: “Terpsichorean”

I recently encountered an interesting-looking and formerly unknown-to-me word:  Terpsichorean.

Being one who enjoys putting words together to tell a story, I enjoy learning new ones.  And since I am a self-confessed Grammar Geek, I will freely admit to feeling more than a bit of excitement at encountering this word because I had no idea what it meant, nor could I figure out by looking at it what it might mean.

Many English words have French and, ultimately, Latin roots.  Because I know French (and took a year of Latin in high school), I can frequently use that knowledge to figure out what a longer word means.

I couldn’t crack this word so easily, and I was intrigued.

Before I let you in on what “terpsichorean” means, let’s learn how to pronounce it.  Let me break it down for you:

terp as in “turpentine”
si as in “sick”
chor as in “chorus”
ean as in “Korean

Put the highlighted parts together and you have turp-si-chor-ean. Terpsichorean.

Now say it five times really fast!

No, I was just kidding.  Don’t do that.  I promise you, it won’t be pretty.

So, what does “terpsichorean” mean?

It means “of or relating to dancing” (used as an adjective) or simply “a dancer” (used as a noun).

And now for The Challenge:  Use both the noun and adjective forms in one sentence.

Here goes:  The terpsichorean twirled repeatedly in terpsichorean ecstasy.

Yikes!  I feel dizzy.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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