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Keyboard Commands I Love: Ctrl+Z

Keyboard Commands I Love: Ctrl+Z published on 4 Comments on Keyboard Commands I Love: Ctrl+Z

I was working on something-or-other on my computer recently and realized how much I love a certain keyboard command:  Ctrl+Z.

For those of you who don’t know, when you press the “Ctrl” (“Control”) key (“Command” ⌘ key for all you Mac users out there) and the “z” key at the same time, it immediately undoes what you just did.  This is probably the best “do-over” keyboard function, ever, and has saved me from countless electronic screw-ups.

Imagine, for example, typing a long document.  You’ve worked hours to get it just the way you want it, maybe you’re tired, and then you accidentally highlight and delete the entire thing.

Do.  Not.  Panic.

This, by the way, is why you should never do dangerous work while you’re tired.  You could accidentally poke out an eye or lop off an arm, neither of which Ctrl+Z will undo, by the way.  It has its limits.

Back to the accidental electronic deletion conundrum:  Use the Ctrl+Z function, and voilà!  Your text reappears like you never deleted it in the first place, and you just might begin to wonder if pink unicorns exist, after all.

Next post:  How to properly apply a tourniquet after lopping off an arm.


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