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The Sleeping Bag Incident

The Sleeping Bag Incident published on 4 Comments on The Sleeping Bag Incident

When we were kids, we’d get conscripted to do a lot of boring work that was supposed to build our character and make us appreciate what we had.Continue reading The Sleeping Bag Incident

Takin’ Care Of Business

Takin’ Care Of Business published on 1 Comment on Takin’ Care Of Business

Junior high school (grades seven and eight) encompassed two of the most awkward years of my adolescent life, mainly due to one unwelcome guest who moved in and refused to leave:  Puberty.Continue reading Takin’ Care Of Business

Breakin’ The Law

Breakin’ The Law published on 6 Comments on Breakin’ The Law

There is one rule in my home that applies to everyone:  No jumping onto the countertops!Continue reading Breakin’ The Law

Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse published on 3 Comments on Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

I did lots of really dumb things when I was a kid. For each act of stupidity, I look back and wonder what was going through my head. I come up with nothing other than the simple fact that I just didn’t think things through. At all.Continue reading Taggin’ In Tha Hizzouse

Poor Skipper

Poor Skipper published on 4 Comments on Poor Skipper

Once upon a time, when I was… younger than I am now, I had a Skipper doll.  For those of you not “in the know,” Skipper is Barbie’s younger sister.Continue reading Poor Skipper

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