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If Looks Could Kill…

If Looks Could Kill… published on 2 Comments on If Looks Could Kill…

My friend, Michael, and I went to Target this evening to do some shopping.  We’d checked out and were walking towards the concessions area where they have that delicious popcorn whose aroma permeates the entire store and beckons to you from the moment you walk in.

I never really used to noticed it until I met Michael.  He has a weakness for it – Dare I go so far as to call it an addiction? – and now I do, too.  Thanks a lot, Michael.

Anyway, we were having a brief conversation as to whether or not either one of us was going to get a bag of salty, hot, delicious, buttery crunchiness.  Then I saw a little girl about two years old sitting in a cart ahead of us.  She was accompanied by whom I assumed were her mother and  grandmother, and she had a fresh bag of popcorn on the seat next to her.

I turned to Michael, pointed and said mischievously, “Hey, we could just steal it from that little girl over there.  She’s got a whole bag!  Check it out!”

Michael looked where I was pointing and saw the bag.

And then we both looked at the little girl.  She wasn’t looking at the popcorn or her mother or her grandmother.  She wasn’t looking around the store. She was looking directly at me, and the message her face conveyed was unmistakeable:  “Go ahead.  Try it.”

That little stare did not waver.  Not one bit.

After a few moments of staring back at her, I nudged Michael and asked, “Are you seeing this?”
“Yeah.  She’s definitely onto you.”

We stared at each other some more.
Finally, I said, “Jeez.  Chill out, kid!  I’m just kidding!” and we left the store.

I got stared down by a 2-year-old with a serious case of Stink-Eye, and that’s just weird.

I might give up Target popcorn for a while.



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