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My Toilet Runneth Over

My Toilet Runneth Over published on 1 Comment on My Toilet Runneth Over

photo by Suzanna JubyI consider myself reasonably handy around the house.  I can change a lightbulb, turn a screw, assemble IKEA furniture all by myself, etc.

That said, one household conundrum that never fails to daunt me is a persnickety toilet with clogging tendencies. Recently, after an unsuccessful flush resulting in bits of disintegrating toilet paper lazily circling the bowl, my toilet required a vigorous plunging session.  I was hoping this would clear the clog, causing the bowl to empty suddenly with a satisfying “burp.”

Not this time.

With each successive plunge, I saw the water level drop.  This was encouraging because it meant some water was going down, but it also meant the clog wasn’t completely dislodged.  I continued to plunge until the bowl was nearly empty.

And now the Moment of Truth.  I left the plunger in the bowl just in case, flushed, then waited in breathless anticipation as water filled the bowl.

Should I start plunging again?

It was still too early to tell.

More water.


More water.

I think I should plunge!

Wait a minute!  It’s going down.  It’s going down!  Yes!

No… No, no, no, no, NO!  The water’s reversed course!  It’s coming back up!  Fast!

You know that sickening feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you witness something bad happening that you are powerless to stop? That’s how I felt.

I turned the valve to cut off water supply to the toilet. Stupid, I know, but I panicked.  (I should have plunged my hand into the tank, instead, to push down the flap at the bottom to prevent more water from running into the bowl.)  In the end, I don’t think it would have made much of a difference because it didn’t amount to a whole lot of water, anyway.  Still, you never know with these things.

Fortunately, my niece – who was visiting at the time – had the wherewithal to throw a towel on the floor to contain the water.

The next flush went down without a hitch, by the way.  Figures.

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