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If Looks Could Kill…

If Looks Could Kill… published on 2 Comments on If Looks Could Kill…

My friend, Michael, and I went to Target this evening to do some shopping.  We’d checked out and were walking towards the concessions area where they have that delicious popcorn whose aroma permeates the entire store and beckons to you from the moment you walk in.Continue reading If Looks Could Kill…

Cool Find At C&D Hardware

Cool Find At C&D Hardware published on 4 Comments on Cool Find At C&D Hardware

After moving to a new apartment about four months ago, I finally got around to having a couple of extra keys made.  My landlord gave me two when I signed the lease, but I gave one to the pet sitter for when I go out of town, so that left me with just one.Continue reading Cool Find At C&D Hardware

Grammar Rant: Words That Aren’t

Grammar Rant: Words That Aren’t published on 5 Comments on Grammar Rant: Words That Aren’t

I realized recently that it’s been a while since I’ve written a Grammar Rant. I have dropped the ball. Time to pick it up and run like a 10-year-old who’s just shot a BB pellet into a hornets’ nest!Continue reading Grammar Rant: Words That Aren’t

My Toilet Runneth Over

My Toilet Runneth Over published on 1 Comment on My Toilet Runneth Over

photo by Suzanna JubyI consider myself reasonably handy around the house.  I can change a lightbulb, turn a screw, assemble IKEA furniture all by myself, etc.

That said, one household conundrum that never fails to daunt me is a persnickety toilet with clogging tendencies. Recently, after an unsuccessful flush resulting in bits of disintegrating toilet paper lazily circling the bowl, my toilet required a vigorous plunging session.  I was hoping this would clear the clog, causing the bowl to empty suddenly with a satisfying “burp.”

Not this time.Continue reading My Toilet Runneth Over

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