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Picasso’s “Woman In A Red Armchair” Vandalism

Picasso’s “Woman In A Red Armchair” Vandalism published on 2 Comments on Picasso’s “Woman In A Red Armchair” Vandalism

When I began this blog, I set two ground rules for myself:

1.  I would not write anything that would offend or embarrass my parents.
2.  All content would be appropriate for my 12-year-old niece to read because she is one of my faithful “followers.”

That said, I will attempt (and, obviously, somehow succeed) to make a few comments about the recent vandalism of an original painting in The Menil Collection, a well-known museum here in Houston which displays a little bit of everything from ancient times to the present.

The painting in question is entitled “Woman In A Red Armchair” by Pablo Picasso and dates to 1929. Here is Picasso’s completed version:

On June 13, a young man in his early 20s approached this priceless original and added some art of his own with a spray can.  Here is what he did:

This reminds me of the sort of thing I used to do.

When I was five!  But it wasn’t on a priceless piece of art in a museum, either.

Apparently, the man who did this – an artist, himself – wanted to pay homage to Picasso, and this is how he chose to do it.  (They already know his identity, but I refuse to include it in my blog out of respect for Mr. Picasso.)

I wonder if this so-called artist would feel okay about someone tagging HIS work.  If he did this to pay homage to Picasso, I’m guessing he didn’t really think this through very well.  Instead of, oh, I don’t know, creating an original work of his own in honor of his idol, he chose to take a can of spray paint to one of his originals.

And now he’s facing charges:  Criminal mischief and felony graffiti.

Nice going, genius!

And just so the rest of the world knows, the people of the city of Houston are overwhelmingly shocked, horrified and extremely angry about this inexcusable act of vandalism.  If we could each get this guy alone in a room for five minutes with no questions asked, his dance card would be full for a very, very, VERY long time.  Texas style, y’all!

So that’s the bad news.  The good news – other than the miscreant being identified – is that the damage is being repaired and I, for one, am looking forward to visiting the museum and seeing “Woman In A Red Armchair” restored to look as Picasso intended it.


when i heard about this, I was appalled, of course, but I am glad that the actual application of paint with fairly minimal. I had feared that this lunatic had just come up to the painting and fired away with huge swaths of spray paint, which would have covered SO much more of the painting.

Good on the Menil to just whisk it off the floor immediately for repair, with the intention of getting it back out on view for the art-loving public ASAP. Hopefully the Menil will see a surge of attendance out of support for their wonderful collection.

And thanks for leaving the dude’s name out. That sort of attention-seeking should not be rewarded with fame of any kind. Leaving him as an anonymous meathead is better, don’t you think?

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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