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Man Cave For Ladies

Man Cave For Ladies published on 3 Comments on Man Cave For Ladies

There’s a term that’s come into vogue the past few years to describe a place where a man can go to hang out and do whatever:  Watch movies, burp, play video games, visit with his other male friends, fart, nap, work out, tinker, and so on.  It’s called a Man Cave.

A lot of attention has been focused on Man Caves on television, in magazines and on the Internet.  Experts have covered everything from converting a spare room, basement or garage into a Man Cave, to the best ways to trick it out for maximum enjoyment.

Okay.  Fine.  But it’s 2012, folks, not 1956.  What about us ladies?

And don’t you DARE tell me, “You’ve got the kitchen,” unless you want a 50s-era wooden spoon shoved down your throat because you must be the one who missed the part where I mentioned the current year.

Since it’s kind of hard to make any more stupid, outdated comments with a wooden spoon down your throat, maybe now you can pay attention better, Mr. Smart Mouth.

So…  Since you guys have your Man Caves, I propose that we ladies also have an equivalent place – and yes, I mean an entire room to ourselves and not just a corner tucked away somewhere – to call our own.  I propose that we call this special room a Lady Lounge.

We women, like you men with your Man Caves, will trick out our Lady Lounges with televisions, DVD players, etc., and decorate the walls any way we like because these rooms are OURS.  We will invite over our lady (and gay male) friends to hang out.

Furthermore, whatever rules apply to us will also apply to you:  If we’re not allowed in your Man Caves, then you are also not allowed in our Lady Lounges.

I think that’s fair.  Don’t you?

And you, Mr. Smart Mouth:  I’ve got a Lady Lounge gathering tonight with some friends and I’ve got some cookies to bake.  Give me back my grandma’s wooden spoon!


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