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Birth Of A Tradition

Birth Of A Tradition published on 2 Comments on Birth Of A Tradition

Several years ago, my niece and nephew who live in Canada flew down to visit one week in July.  At the time, they were 10 and 13, respectively.

Other than twice-yearly visits up north to see family, I had never spent a significant amount of one-on-one time with them other than to take them out a few hours for lunch and a bit of shopping.  I was apprehensive about the thought of entertaining both of them for an entire week, and I wanted things to go well for all of us.  Fortunately, we all had a really good time.Continue reading Birth Of A Tradition

The Maltese… Cake?

The Maltese… Cake? published on 6 Comments on The Maltese… Cake?

It was a dark and stormy night.  I had stayed late at the office, trying to make headway on a few cases, but without much success.  I’m a Private Investigator, but most of my business comes in the form of investigating cheating spouses.  It ain’t the most glamorous of professions, but it keeps a roof over my head.Continue reading The Maltese… Cake?

Picasso’s “Woman In A Red Armchair” Vandalism

Picasso’s “Woman In A Red Armchair” Vandalism published on 2 Comments on Picasso’s “Woman In A Red Armchair” Vandalism

When I began this blog, I set two ground rules for myself:

1.  I would not write anything that would offend or embarrass my parents.
2.  All content would be appropriate for my 12-year-old niece to read because she is one of my faithful “followers.”Continue reading Picasso’s “Woman In A Red Armchair” Vandalism

Mystery Shoes

Mystery Shoes published on 4 Comments on Mystery Shoes

A couple of days ago, I was leaving my usual hangout, Waldo’s Coffee House, with a friend.  Just as we were completing our walk through the small, gravelly front parking area to the sidewalk that parallels the street, I noticed something odd.Continue reading Mystery Shoes

Man Cave For Ladies

Man Cave For Ladies published on 3 Comments on Man Cave For Ladies

There’s a term that’s come into vogue the past few years to describe a place where a man can go to hang out and do whatever:  Watch movies, burp, play video games, visit with his other male friends, fart, nap, work out, tinker, and so on.  It’s called a Man Cave.Continue reading Man Cave For Ladies

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