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My Super Power

My Super Power published on 1 Comment on My Super Power

I have a super power.  I can’t walk through walls, make myself invisible or move things with my mind.  My super power is much more subtle than that.  I have the ability to stop any television series from being renewed merely by liking it a lot and watching it on a regular basis.Continue reading My Super Power

Welcome To My Airship!

Welcome To My Airship! published on No Comments on Welcome To My Airship!

Zeppelin, blimp, airship, dirigible… Call it what you will.  I want one.  Especially after they fixed that not-so-little incendiary problem after the Hindenburg disaster of 1937.  It turns out that hydrogen, which is highly flammable, isn’t the best gas to use to keep an airship afloat, and modern air ships are now kept aloft with helium, which isn’t as light or as cheap as hydrogen, but it won’t catch fire.  Safety first, kids!Continue reading Welcome To My Airship!

Grammar Rant: An Apostrophe Does Not A French Name Make

Grammar Rant: An Apostrophe Does Not A French Name Make published on No Comments on Grammar Rant: An Apostrophe Does Not A French Name Make

I know a bit of French.  Actually, I know more than a bit since I have a Bachelor’s Degree in French from the University of Michigan, at which point I feel obligated to say, “Go Blue!”

But I digress.

At this point, I feel the need to clarify that I am not the stereotypical American who thinks I am superior to others simply because I speak French.

That said, I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a name with a random apostrophe and the owner of said name stating enthusiastically, “It’s French!”

Um… No.Continue reading Grammar Rant: An Apostrophe Does Not A French Name Make

Where Is My Jet Pack?

Where Is My Jet Pack? published on No Comments on Where Is My Jet Pack?

I grew up watching the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “The Jetsons” which, according to, first aired in 1962.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this cartoon, it depicted the lives of a typical Family of the Future:  George and Jane Jetson; their daughter, Judy; their son, Elroy; the family dog, Astro; and the family’s robotic maid, Rosey, who did all the housework and acted as a sometime nanny for the Jetson children.Continue reading Where Is My Jet Pack?

My Unbreakable Umbrella

My Unbreakable Umbrella published on 1 Comment on My Unbreakable Umbrella

Once upon a time, it rained and I took my black, cane-shaped handle umbrella with me.  It occurred to me at that moment  that while I was carrying an umbrella the length of a typical walking cane, I couldn’t really use it like a cane because if I put too much pressure on it, it would snap in two.  Not good!

What, I asked myself, is the point of carrying around a full-length cane umbrella that’s not even strong enough to help me walk up a slippery hill covered in leaves or limp along when my toe begins to throb painfully?

None, whatsoever!, I answered.Continue reading My Unbreakable Umbrella

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