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Movie Theater Popcorn: A Love Letter

Movie Theater Popcorn: A Love Letter published on 5 Comments on Movie Theater Popcorn: A Love Letter

I walked into the movie theater and was instantly smitten by your aroma.  I looked through the  undulating crowds and there you were, waiting for me at the concessions stand.  Even before I had completed my ticket purchase, you beckoned me from afar with that “come hither” look no woman can resist.

I sauntered over, my mouth watering with anticipation.

“What can I get for you?” asked the young man cheerfully from behind the counter.

“One medium popcorn, please.”

“Anything else?  Something to drink?”

“No, just the popcorn,” I replied, trying to maintain a cool exterior as I trembled inside with the almost unbearable anticipation of being with you.

As he scooped you into your bag, he turned his head and asked over his shoulder, “Would you like butter?”

“Sure,” I said.

He handed you over to me gingerly so that you wouldn’t spill as I passed him my credit card.  You weren’t cheap.  Oh, no.  But love is blind and I knew you would be worth every penny.

I carried you carefully, almost reverently, as I walked to theater 3.  I tried to hold myself back until we were seated, but your teasing aroma was irresistible.  I darted my tongue out playfully, picking up one popped kernel, and I chewed, savoring your crunchy texture and your perfect buttery saltiness.

Once we were seated, I waited for the previews to begin and tried once more to hold myself back until the feature presentation had begun.  My efforts were in vain.  I plucked you out one kernel at a time, popping one after another into my mouth, savoring each delectably crunchy bite of you until you were gone, leaving me with nothing but your empty bag and the bittersweet memory of the  time we shared together.

There was a time once when I resisted your magnetic pull.  I walked past you, daring not even to look at you lest I lose my resolve.  I bought a box of Junior Mints, instead.  Each time I reached for a creamy, chocolatey mint, all I could think about was how much I missed you and how much I wanted you to share this moment with me.  I craved the deliciously comforting presence only you could give.

It was then that I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I could not live without you.  You would always be a part of me.  Even after I had betrayed you, you were there waiting with open arms to welcome me back.

We have been together ever since, you and I, and I love you with each and every taste bud.  You are the world to me.

I plan to see a movie this weekend.  I know you will be there, always waiting, always welcoming.

My love.


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